A very easy semifreddo dessert

This dessert is easy to assemble and takes very little time. You will need two pieces of sponge cake/trifle sponge. Place one piece in a container and drizzle with your favourite booze. I used Frangelico because I needed to finish the bottle, it has a lovely hazelnut flavour.

Next, mix some vanilla ice cream with some preserved pitted cherries.

Spread the (now pink) ice cream over the sponge cake and cover with the second layer or sponge.

Drizzle some more booze on top, and cover. Place in the freezer for at least two hours. The sponge won't freeze, and it will cut beautifully!

Cut and serve. It really tastes quite professional, so don't tell anyone how easy it is!!! :-)

Photos and recipe by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. finishing a bottle of Frangelico is always a good reason to add it to anything; especially cake and desserts!

  2. Thank you all, and welcome Bren ;-)

  3. Veloce ma buonissimo ^__^ Piacere di conoscerti Alessandra, grazie della visita. A presto e buona giornata

  4. un bel risultato un bel dessert molto originale, non ne avevo visto uno eguale

  5. Ciao Carmine e Federica, benvenuti :-)

  6. Think your dish deserves an award :-)

  7. Hi Alassandra ... clicked here from Amrita's blog . Glad to see that you are trying to make Indian curries and breads ... and so well.

    You have a nice blog , loved this dessert...


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