Garlic and Cilantro Guacamole

My little Max made Mexican dinner the other night. The highlight was guacamole, since he loves avocado. Making dinner for the family was on his school list of things and chores to do at home, everybody in his classroom had to do 7 things from a list of 10, and I think that he did pretty well :-).

The best guacamole is the one my Mexican primo Alejandro makes. Actually, he makes different types, all good, but when I have to make it I have some personal preferences:
1 I prefer smooth to chunky
2 I like it green, no tomatoes
3 I prefer garlic to onion
4 I don't like it spicy, I want to taste the avocado, not the chili.

Fussy ehhhh!!! So I gave Max all the ingredients for a garlic and cilantro smooth guacamole.
He had to mush (with a pestle) 5 small avocado with the juice of half a lemon. Then he added the garlic, squeezed (that was hard work!!!)

Finally he chopped the cilantro in my hollow herb chopping board (it comes with a curved herb knife which is quite easy to use). He likes doing that. He added the salt, to taste, and that took a while (he was adding about a grain at the time, just to be safe).

Taaaa Daaa!!! It was lovely! It was part of a roll your own tortilla meal: warm tortilla, refried beans (these came from a can, just had to re-heat them) sliced tomatoes, grated cheese, guacamole and chili sauce (from a bottle). I prepared it all, and we all enjoyed it.

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  1. devo dire che la ricetta mi stuzzica molto, anche perchè è mi viene voglia di provarla, dà quel tocco esotico che non guasta nelle cene natalizie!

  2. Simply delicious, love the addition of garlic..

  3. Bravo Max! Little cooks grow up :-)

  4. I love guacamole! That's so cool that your Max made it, and he got to make it his it. :o)

  5. I am so happy that he likes avocado!! In his lunch box these days he has avocado sandwiches everyday! Pity Arantxa doesn't! The only things that she doesn't like are avocado and banana, but she has bananas every day in smoothies, and avocado guacamole :-) or in sushi.

  6. Cilantro and avocado! Mmm, I bet the guac tastes amazing! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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