Pasta with Onion Weed Creamy Sauce

If you like foraging onion weed is widely available, it is edible, and tastes very nice too. In fact when I discovered that I could eat it I stopped planting spring onions in the veggie garden, and started foraging instead. The weed has pretty white flowers and a strong spring onion smell. You can eat the flowers, the leaves, the stems, the bulbs... basically everything except the dirt!

 One of the first things I make with fresh onion weeds is usually a nice raw sauce for pasta: just put the onion weed (every part of it) in the blender (leave out a few flowers for decoration) and blend with a little water, some feta cheese (Vegans can omit this and use a little tofu + salt and pepper instead) and some roasted cashew nuts. Add a little olive oil and toss into your hot pasta. This is a very filling dish and the sauce has a beautiful pale green colour.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Wow wat a flavourful pasta, inviting dish.

  2. Simple and flavorful, I like that.

    My daughter and I love onion weed, so does our dog. He regularly marks the ones within range. However, our garden is fenced in and so I have a spot where onion weed grows. I use those.

  3. Opal, your dogs knows what is good for him :-)!

  4. Semplice,ma gustosissima questa pasta!Complimentoni,carina!

  5. What a fabulous pasta dish! That sauce must taste really good. Onion weed is so delicious.



  6. Che meraviglia questa ricetta! Un bacio al volo, Alessandra!


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