Kawakawa Tea

Photo by Alessandra Zecchini©

Kawakawa tea!!!

I have many kawakawa plants in the bush around the house, the leaves are beautiful and make a lovely tea, and even an infusion used in Māori medicine for several ailments. The seeds can be used as long pepper (the plant is related to the pepper family) and if you like an extra tip, New Zealand bush inspired but created by an Italian (me :-), I use kawakawa instead of vanilla to flavour cremes and custards and panna cotta and so on. To give you an example have a look at my Flan with Kawakawa crème and Kahikatea berries!

But mostly I like to go into the garden/bush, pick a few leaves, wash them and pour hot water over them. One or two leaves per cup will suffice, the smell is truly delicious, and this is foraging at its best because everyone can do it!  And of course I like to add a teaspoon of NZ honey.


  1. Never had this tea,quite interesting..

  2. I always love the aroma of the herbal tea,it is so soothing and rejuvenating... I wish I could try this but unfortunately kawakawa plant is not available here,or may there with a different name.....

  3. Hello Alessandra.
    I've never heard of Kawakawa. But am always on the hunt for interesting tea infusions, since giving up coffee last year.

    I'm hopeful of spotting the plant in some form over here in England, but it may take a while.

    By the way, your site is beautiful.

  4. Hi GIll, I don't know if there are any New Zealand Kawakawa plants in the UK, maybe in a botanic garden?



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