Arantxa makes Wedding cupcakes with fondant bride and groom

Our friends Fiona and Jonathan recently got married in Las Vegas, a bit of a surprise really, so upon their return (and once we actually found out) we invited them for dinner with other friends. What better excuse for a dinner party? Instead of cake I thought of having some wedding cupcakes, and Arantxa got really enthusiastic about making a small bride and groom to put on the top cupcake, using fondant.

She set to work using white, almond, pink and chocolate fondant, and her miniatures were as small (or smaller) than mini Polly Pockets dolls!!! Just look at her finger next to them!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini, fondant bride and groom by Arantxa Zecchini Dowling©


  1. composizione e foto da urlo, tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua

  2. Tanto piccini quanto meravigliosi! Mi piacerebbe avere la pazienza e la manualità per realizzarli.
    Per quanto riguarda le industrie alimentari con me cascano male, potrebbero anche fallire, pensa che le mie figlie non riescono a mangiare neanche i dolci della pasticceria perchè sentono gli aromi artificiali, le ho abituate male!
    Serena Pasqua, carissima, ti abbraccio!

  3. Hi Allesandra. Great to meet you and thank you for the follow. As you saw from my blog I only have a few recipes but I am trying to seperate it and start a cooking blog and then link the two, but I am still figureing out how to do tabs!! So hopefully I will get it going soon! I am following you back as well and it looks yummy arouns here! You are most welcome to PIN anything, actually I need to add it...silly me!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  4. Ciao Alessandra,

    It's always nice to see your comment. I have been out of touch for a couple of months due to working, but saving up for future travels.

    The fruit smoothies are great in Mexico City, plus the plantain-orange smoothie I had. I'm trying to avoid fresh fruit/smoothies stall because I am afraid of getting ill from sanitary use. So it's better to get them at the groceries where they are packaged or make it your own.

    Have you been to Mexico City yet?

    Lovely post, it's nice to see a wedding post, too! Well done to Arantxa for making these vegan! At my boyfriend's sister's wedding, they also served a vegan option, which was nice, but not the desserts :( which I mostly love about. I will post that probably later when I have time.

    xx Rika

  5. I was in Mexico city .... golly... about 17 years ago??? I drunk liquados from the stalls, unless they looked really bad, I was backpacking and quite acclimatized to local food, but I was actually having them with milk and without ice, which may sound strange but was safer than water.

  6. awww, how adorable are the bride and groom , awesome

  7. Complimenti alla creatrice di simili miniature...santa pazienza e manualità.

    Volevo lasciarti il link di un'altra ricetta tradizionale, se ti fa piacere...dove posso mandartelo???

    ciao loredana

  8. Che meraviglia queste cupcake cosi delicate e a tema...gli sposi sono deliziosi un lavoro certosino!!Un bacione,Imma

  9. la classe non è acqua un gran bel lavoro


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