Cooking more artichokes

The other day I posted this way of cooking artichokes (alla romana, Roman style) because it is the best way for me... and because we only had 4 artichokes :-). Then Sandra and John gave us 14 artichokes, 4 we gave to friends who came to visit us on Sunday, and 10 (a real luxury in NZ) I cooked yesterday.

Loredana suggested that I fill them with bread, egg, cheese and parsley (and maybe garlic) and I wanted to try.  I prepared 5 my usual way but also added some fresh basil leaves because I didn't have enough parsley, then I kept a bit of the chopped herbs and garlic aside and added one egg, some breadcrumbs and some grated parmesan. I made 5 'balls' and pressed them inside the artichokes. Topped with olive oil, added water at the bottom, and simmered everything for a couple of hours.

Ready! 5 of us for dinner, so one of each type for everyone, and we really liked them. 

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. I rarely had artichokes, simply loved the way u prepared.

  2. They look amazing Ale, I would like to try them! When can I come for dinner!!!!


  3. Ciao!!! Che piacere scorrere le pagine del tuo blog!!! Veramente bello!!
    Mi sono unita ai tuoi sostenitori con gran piacere!!!!
    Buonissimi i carciofi!!! ..mangio moltissima verdura, ma per carciofi e asparagi nutro un grande amore!!!!!
    Un abbraccio e a presto!!!!


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