Decorating biscuits with fondant (rolling icing)


A pot of love

Farm animals

This is very easy and gives you a perfect and professional finish: just use the same cookie cutter for the biscuits and for the icing! After baking your biscuits roll out your fondant icing and cut it with the same shapes. You can secure the fondant onto the biscuits by brushing them with a little jam or marmalade first. 

Also we tried out a little Japanese cookie stamp set that Arantxa got for Xmas from Yosuke. This is great, you just need to place in the hiragana symbols and compose the word/sentence that you like.
We started easy, with arigatou (thank you).

Actually, the set instructions were for using the stamps before baking the biscuits, so we tried, but after baking the biscuits it was a little hard to read the words. Maybe next time we will need to press the stamp harder, or bake the biscuits a bit more, so that the words are legible, but it works fine on icing, since you don't need to bake that! Anyway, here are the photos of the first experiment (I forgot to take one of the baked biscuits though!) to show you what the printing set looks like.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. mi sono molto divertito a gurdare i tuoi biscotti colorati il mio preferito è il tema della teiera

  2. Si la teiera piace anche a me :-).


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