Zaru Soba and Vegetable Tempura

One of my family's favourite Japanese dinner: Zaru Soba and Vegetable Tempura (mostly pumpkin). For the recipes I have to direct you here for the Zaru Soba, and here for the tempura (my own recipe).
I have learned to cook zaru soba in Japan, but mostly thanks to the book The Book of Soba by James Udesky. There is a bit of process involved, but here you can find the step by step instructions. The soba is Vegan, and the tempura Vegetarian (egg in the batter), but you can make a vegan batter by omitting the egg. Apparently it works just fine! Let me know if you try!

The tablecloth is shibori (Japanese tie-dye) and natural indigo dye.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. lovely pics, love the shibari table cloth too

  2. Pumpkin tempura sound delicious, it looks like awesome dinner.

  3. Hi Alessandra, I just found your blog....nice recipes and lovely pics!...I am going to be among your followers....
    this vegetable tempura is really tempting! sei italiana vero?....Piacere di conoscerti, sono Letizia!


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