Vegan Nashi Tart

I love nashi pears, pity that the season is short... mostly I eat them raw, cut into thin slices, but since I had quite a few I wanted to make a quick tart. This is too easy! I just used one sheet of ready rolled vegan puff pastry, then I peeled and cut 2 big nashi pears and placed the slices on top. I finished everything with a dusting of icing sugar and placed the tart in the oven until the edges of the tart were puffy and golden. As a final touch I sprayed the tart with some grappa spray. Nashi are good for cooking and baking because they keep their shape and don't become brown! This I will make again, it was even better than an apple tart, which is saying a lot (for me!).

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Delicious!

    volevo farti i complimenti per il blog, l'ho scoperto da poco per caso ma ho già sbirciato altre tue ricette, tutte bellissime! brava! mi sono anche aggiunta ai lettori fissi :)
    da pochissimo ne ho uno anch'io, passa a visitarlo se ti va!
    a presto,


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