Fresh As Strawberry Pudding and Sweet New Zealand

This recipe is for the September 2012 edition of Sweet New ZealandIf you are blogging in NZ, or you are a Kiwi blogging from overseas you are welcome to take part too! You can fine all the info by clicking here.

When I was little in Italy there was a sachet to make strawberry pudding, and I used to fantasize about it. My mother always bought the chocolate one, and rarely the vanilla one, while I was dreaming of trying the strawberry because it was... pink! In the end Mum got it but we were all disappointed: it tasted quite artificial, and the pink colour too was ... too artificial. Since then I only made strawberry pudding with real strawberries. Well, until a week ago, that is. After the plum powder I tried the strawberry powder, the ingredient list is pretty short: it only says strawberry! This time I wasn't going to get that 'artificial' feeling!

I made the pudding twice, the first tasted good...  but I used whole eggs and the yellow from the yolk possibly took away a bit of the colour: the pudding wasn't exactly pink, and I really wanted a pink pudding (pudding, not pannacotta!).

Plan B: I re-made the pudding only with egg whites, so that the base was white. I used 3 egg whites, 3 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp plain flour, and 600 ml of full cream milk.

Another change I made from my first experiment was that instead of adding the strawberry powder at the beginning, I decided to add it at the end, to see if the aroma would be stronger (it is, in my opinion). So as soon as the white 'custard' was ready I thinned one heap tbsp of Fresh As strawberry powder with  a little milk to make a paste, and then I added it in and mixed well.

To complete the look I decorated the puddings with some Fresh As strawberry slices (these are also freeze dried).

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Sembra proprio delizioso.
    Alla prossima!

  2. Che buono, sto iniziando a raccogliere un po` di ricette per la piccola.. adora le fragole... pero` non ho mai visto la polvere di fragole... se comprassi le fragole disidratate, penso ci siano in giro basterebbe un giro di bimby! Hai provato ha fare la crema senza le uova, giusto una crema di latte?
    Isabella cresce ed e` una monella divertente... molto spesso ci fermiamo ad osservarla per ore...fa ridere! Forse riesco a recuperare un po` di tempo per tornare in rete chissa`!!!!
    Un abbraccio,


  3. Delizioso, e il cuoricino con il budino è molto carino! Ciao, alla prossima!


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