Mandarin Crème for Sweet New Zealand

Oh yes, yummy yummy. At home we love crèmes, especially Arantxa and me (Max prefers chocolate puddings, but even he approved this one!). 3 eggs (medium-small) + 2 heaps tbsp sugar + 250ml cream + 1 tbsp of dried mandarin segments (put these in only at the end when the crème is thick and velvety). Remember to mix well while simmering so that the eggs don't curdle, some people find it easier to make the crème at bain Marie (double boiling) but I just use a low flame and good whisk. Pour into 4 glasses. Before serving add whipped cream, shaven dark (really dark) chocolate and some more segments of dried mandarines, which are crunchy and will create a nice contrast with the creamy texture underneath. To me, heavenly!!

I am entering this recipe in the monthly blogging event Sweet New Zealand
this month hosted by lovely Sue.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Cara Alessandra......benritrovata......! Come stai?.....dalla foto sembra molto bene.....!....Questa crema deve essere golosissima.....! La proveremo..... Kiss x 3.....Civette stragolose...

  2. These look gorgeous, Alessandra - love the combination of custard, tangy mandarins, cream and dark, dark chocolate. Thanks for sharing this at Sweet New Zealand :-)


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