Filo pastry cheese cigars, easy as, and with one hand only!

With one hand only because with the other I was taking pictures :-)!!!.

Cheese cigars are rolls of filo pastry filled with cheese and then fried or baked (I bake them). I just put all my filo pastry sheets on a tray and fold them one by one until I used them all up. Proceed like for a spring roll, rolling the cheese stick up a few times (picture 2 and 3), and then folding in the sides in (picture 4) before continuing to roll. This way you will seal the cheese in. You can repeat it with a second sheet of pastry if you think that the cheese will melt out into the tray (or if you like to have more pastry!).

Once more: this time I put a bit of chopped parsley with the cheese so that it is easier to see. In pictures 5 and 6 you can see how the sides are rolled in.

Last time now, pizza cigars, I put a strip of tomato paste, then cheese, then oregano, roll, fold the sides in, and roll again until the end.  Brush with water and bake at 180 C° until golden in colour.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Good idea and looks simple to make. Can you show the pictures of the finished product?

    1. So sorry Chef, it was too dark when we ate them and they finished quickly, but yes, they just look like spring rolls but not greasy :-).

  2. Wonderful and definitely fantastic cigars.


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