miniature puddings in shot glasses

For the Custard:
3 free range eggs
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp flour
1.5 l full cream milk
Vanilla essence

Mix the eggs with the sugar and flour and add the milk slowly. Simmer until the custard thickens then add the vanilla essence. I pour some in a large bowl, then once cool I topped it with whipped cream, some lime and passion fruit curd (made by Ken) fresh raspberries and cherries, and ground pistachio. I had lots of custard left and I put some in some shot glasses. I added some 72% dark chocolate to the remaining hot custard and made some chocolate mini puddings for more shot glasses. I topped some of the chocolate puddings with pistachio, and other with cream and fruit of blackcurrant powder (from Fresh As). Some of the vanilla mini puddings were also topped with cream and fruit, and others with the lime and passion fruit curd. 

I had some extra custard so I also made a quick trifle with lots of red fruit!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Very attractive puddings,i confused and dunno wat to chose.


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