Berry and Banana instant ice cream, and check out Sweet New Zealand Recap!

This is so easy and simple that I wasn't even sure if it was worth publishing, but then the other day I was reading this post from Sue and I though yeah, why not! I have been making instant frozen berries sorbet for years, but at first I used to make it with the frozen berries blended with a little sugar. It was good, maybe a bit watery, but good. I also tried with yogurt, but still needed sugar. But then I tried to add a banana, and I never turned back! A banana makes the sorbet creamy like an ice cream, and you don't need any sugar! I made it a few times and then the other day I discovered frozen banana slices, and for this I have to thank Sue. Yes yes of course I heard about froze banana before, but the way Sue made her ice cream was inspiring and really made me think that maybe frozen banana slices were what I needed all along to 'upgrade' my recipe!

And yes, I can confirm that it is better to use frozen bananas! The sorbet/ice cream stays 'frozen' for longer, and it tastes amazing.

So, all you need is one big banana, cut it into slices and freeze it (try to keep the slices separate, do not freeze it as a block!). The put the slices into a container, add about one cup of mixed frozen berries, (or just frozen raspberries, or blueberries... your choice) and blend with an immersion blender. This is the result. It looks like an ice cream, taste like and ice cream, and can be eaten immediately. 

Also, I would like to invite you to visit Arfi for the sweet recap of the first Sweet New Zealand Blogging event of the year! Click here to see it, there are many beautiful recipes and photos!
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  1. Thats a killing combo,love to relish few spoons.


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