Soba with nori tagliolini, onion weed and salted sakura (cherry blossoms)

Just cook the soba and top with the rest of the ingredients. To serve just add a drop of soy sauce.

To make the nori tagliolini ... well look here! For the onion weed... just forage it, wash and cut (you can eat the flowers, stems and bulbs... the lot!). I bought the salted sakura (cherry blossoms) here, I love them, a bit like salted capers really!

 Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Ma daiiii ma che bel post!!!!
    Bellissimo fare i tagliolini così...immagino la tua macchina sia l'Imperia perchè è simile alla mia ;-)
    Ti abbraccio

  2. A very interesting soba dish. And I love those salted sakura!


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