Crunchy Bean Sprout Mediterranean Salad

I love beans and lentils, but I also love salads and raw food, my body feels like it needs them!
I usually mix cooked beans with raw salad vegetables, but when I remember I get some bean sprouts, and I particularly like this crunchy bean combo from Sproutman. I can just eat the sprouted beans as they are, with a drop of olive oil and lemon juice, 

These crunchy beans are quite filling and with the addition of a few more goodies with just one packet of the packet bean combo I made a salad for 4! I added iceberg lettuce, quite bland for my taste, but ok to give 'volume'. For flavour I included some semi dried tomatoes, and added more Mediterranean flavors: salted capers, and mixed olives. A salad like this really fills you up, even without carbs or animal protein. The dressing was just extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, with a pinch of salt.

And now some photos from Nan's garden in Christchurch, to add to my Pinterest flower board!
I told Nan that most of her flowers could be eaten, but promised that I would not ;-).


Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Alessandra no conocía tu espacio y vengo a conocerte desde el blog de Alicia. Veo que tienes recetas saludables para quienes desean seguir esa manera de alimentarse. Uno de mis 2 blogs es sobre nutrición y curiosidades sobre alimentos diversos.
    Es mi deseo que el año próximo sigamos compartiendo experiencias y saberes
    Felices Fiestas!


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